Preparations for bakery

• AGRANA specialists designed a collection of fillings for different types of biscuits and pastry. Heat – stable fillings designed to further baking, and for dosing into already baked product.

• Heat-stable fillings contain specially selected stabilization system that provides resistance to high temperatures. Also, we offer a collection of fillings for finished products - croissants, rolls, muffins.

• Our developers created a range of fillings for open and closed cakes and liquid fillings for chocolate products. The most important parameter for baking or chocolate is the indicator of water activity, which is always under strict control.

• We offer homogeneous fillings with fruit pieces or whole berries. They can be heat stable and fat - containing, enriched with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, combined with herbs, nuts, cereals, chocolate and other non-fruit ingredients.

• Fruit preparations can be produced for you from any known fruit or berries: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cloudberries, cranberries, kiwi, banana, orange, papaya, passion fruit, tangerine or anything else in any combinations! A collection of fruit flavors complement with dessert flavors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, walnut and others...

You can buy fruit and berry or dessert preparations for bakery in any convenient package:

Bag in Drum - 200 kgBag-in-box - 2 kg or 25 kgPlastic pails- 10 or 20 kg