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We currently maintain three fruit facilities in Ukraine. In Vinnitsa, AGRANA Fruit has a fruit preparation plant and Austria Juice GmbH produces fruit juice concentrates. Our production facilities are located in close proximity to customers in order to be able to ensure maximum freshness and quality. The raw materials are sourced globally and the frozen fruits are processed locally.


AGRANA Fruit Ukraine

AGRANA Fruit Ukraine

AGRANA Fruit Ukraine

The AFUA speciales not only on processing fruit and berries, but also includes a full cycle of works from cultivation and preparation of raw materials to goods release. The raw materials, given to us by the manufacturer, pass careful selection, sorting and clearing on all indicators.

The process "frosen" allows to keep such products as strawberry, bilberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, red and black currant,  cherry,  and mountain ash for a long time. Berries pass through tunnel of the deep frost that safes not only the look, but also the taste, flavour and the useful properties of the fresh berries.

Production of the company is useful, tasty and accessible. You should’nt worry about preparation's quality, as the newest techniques, creative process and the adjusted work will not allow to produse law-quality product.

Organized team works at the factory since 1997. All departments work as one organism, reacting on slightest requirements from customers. Flexibility, co-ordination, optimism, collectivism, concentration on efforts and healthy approach to work – all that facts allow us to conduct the advanced long-term policy in the world market!

"Our aim — to offer our clients  ideal products at the lowest prices, for this it is necessary to have constant perfection of technology. During our work we have already done three modernizations of manufacture. If we see that it is necessary to improve something we invest  money in and  move forward. We constantly develop ourselves, search and work. There is no limits in manufacture development and technology perfection , and it should not be."

General Director of AGRANA Fruit Ukraine Vladimir Semenyuk



1997 Foundation of Podolye OBST
Production from 300 t of apple juice concentrate
Sublease at Vinnytsia canning factory
1998 Purchase of the current enterprise territory
Dismantlement of production capacity ASK
Production of 700 t of apple juice concentrate
1999 The first treatment of berries
Production of 5.100 t of apple juice concentrate
2000 Putting into operation the deep freezing line
Expansion of production of fruit-berry juice concentrate
Renovation of office building
Planting of 25 h strawberry
2001 Launching of fruits treatment production
Expansion of production capacity of fruits treatment
Purchase of 10 h of the production territory
2002 Putting into operation the boiler department
Putting into operation the second pasteurizer
Renovation of workshop buildings
2003 Putting into operation the fruit assortment control line
Putting into operation the line for aseptic fruit treatment
Enlargement of laboratory production capacity
2004 Transition of the biggest part of shares to the company AGRANA
Installation of puree production line
Installation of concentrate cooler
Expansion of storage space to 2.000 t
Putting into operation the artesian well
2005 Enlargement of the enterprise production capacity to 1.200 t of the treated production per day
Putting into operation the installation Tegra for cleaning, calibrating and assorting of fruits and berries
2006 Reorganization of the company structure and renaming into AGRANA FRUIT UKRAINE Ltd
2007 Tenth anniversary of our company

Launching of a new laboratory
ISO 22000:2004 certification of the production 

Our people

AGRANA in Ukraine has qualified staff, which together form a complex and organized mechanism of production of the product from the field to the client. Our agronomists, developers, specialists from quality department and laboratory, specialists from sales and procurement, IT-team, accountants and customs department happy to implement into life client's wishes. Our creativity, intelligence, professionalism and competitive advantages help us keep the leading position at the market.

International standards

  • ISO 9001:2008 (SGS)
  • FSSC 22000:2010 (SGS)
  • ISO 26000 (SGS)
  • SAP
  • Baby food certificate
AGRANA Fruit Luka

AGRANA Fruit Luka


AGRANA Fruit LUKA is a factory for fresh fruit and vegetables cultivation, industrial processing and consumption.

Company cultivates and sells apples, strawberry, raspberry and cherry. AGRANA Fruit LUKA realizes delivery in the shortest terms and to the most distant corners of Ukraine and abroad.

All products are sorted, calibrated and packed in high quality reusable and non-reusable packages.

Thanks to it, high-quality product is prepared in the shortest time, that is very good for perishable goods. Customers’ nneeds are taken into account too.

AGRANA Fruit LUKA has own cold storages for goods saving and for further selling.

Company invites to collaboration hypermarkets, supermarkets, shops and international fruits and berries customers.

AGRANA Fruit LUKA is a gardening enterprise in Vinnitsa region. On the rented 900 ga of territory strawberries, raspberries, cherries and apples are grown.



"AGRANA Fruit Luke" is an agricultural enterprise in the Vinnytsia region. On leased land in 900 hectares strawberries, raspberries, cherries and apples are grown.

AGRANA Fruit LUKA was founded as joint venture between Austrian company Steirerobst  and Ukraine company Podolje Obst in 2001.

  • In every next year enterprise  rised its area and now it has 1000 ga:

  • Strawberry: 1800 t. per year from 100 ga.
  • Raspberry: 100 t. per year from 15 ga.
  • Cherry: 800 t. per year from 50 ga.
  • Apples for fresh fruit market: 5000 t. per year from 100 ga.
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TOV „AGRANA Fruit Ukraine“

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Serhii Zulinskyi St.32, 21022


23234 Vinnytsia district,
Village of Luka Meleshkivska
№2-A Pryvokzalna street
tel +380 432 553 568
fax +380 432 553 518


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