Seasonal taste

History mentions the English town Maket Drayton as the homeland of gingerbread. Image of treats meets travelers at the welcome board at the entrance to the city. However, according to the legend, ginger and gingerbread recipe was brought to England by formidable Crusaders. Citing historical sources it is worth noting that the gingerbread was baked in ancient Egypt and Greece, with adding a large number of spices and ginger to the dough. Such cookie was stored for a long time because of honey in the recipe, which acted as a disinfecting agent.

In our time, Gingerbread is considered to be a symbol of Christmas and a treat, which is associated with family evenings, something warm and cozy. Usual spices for cookies are cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and coriander. Decorations for the stick are glaze, cocoa, nuts and chocolate. The characteristic shape for the gingerbread is a form of a little man in glaze with bright buttons, but at the fairs you can find a star shape, a house, a dove or a form of Christmas decorations.

Dairy desserts producers can use such seasonal flavor to provide extraordinary confectionery product notes. Decorate your portfolio with the taste of gingerbread preparation!