With cereals

Responding to the modern trends of dairy market and under the direction of a healthy diet, "AGRANA Fruit Moscow region" offers a line of products with cereals and muesli:

  • preparations with cereals for spoonable yoghurt and soft cheese desserts ;
  • preparations with cereals for drinking yoghurt and drink based on milk.

We offer homogeneous preparations (from cereal flour), with grain pieces or whole grains. They can be enriched with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, combined with fruits, vegetables, nuts, candied fruits, and other non-cereal ingredients. According to the requirement of our customers we can develop preparations containing non gluten cereals like corn, rice or buckwheat, amarant.

Cereal preparation can be produced for you from any known cereal: barley, wheat, oats, rye, semolina grains, muesli and many others in any combinations! Even flax seeds, sesame, lupine or chia :)

You can buy preparations with cereals for yoghurts, soft cheese desserts, whey and milk drinks in any convenient package:

  • Aseptic containers - 800 l
  • Bag in Drum - 200 kg
  • Bag-in-box - 2 kg or 25 kg
  • Plastic pails- 10 or 20 kg