Dessert group

Living hectic and stressful modern life, consumers more and more desire to pamper themselves with something tasty, enjoying the moment of rest and pleasure. "AGRANA Fruit Moscow region" offers wide range of dessert preparations developed specially for dairy products:

  • dessert preparations for spoonable yoghurt and soft cheese desserts mixed, layered, and bi-compartment;
  • dessert preparations for the glazed cheese desserts mixed and in core; ·
  • dessert preparations for drinking yoghurt, drinks based on whey or milk.

We offer homogeneous preparations, with pieces of biscuit and nuts.

Preparations can be produced for you with dark, white, milk chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, caramel, coffee, nuts, with taste of toffee or favorite baking, such as tiramisu, panettone, apple strudel, lemon and blueberry pie. And even with taste of pancakes, cheesecakes, gingerbread:)

They can be combined with fruits, herbs, nuts, grains and other ingredients.

You can buy desserts preparations for yoghurts, soft cheese desserts, whey and milk drinks in any convenient package:

  • Aseptic containers - 800 l
  • Bag in Drum - 200 kg
  • Bag-in-box - 2 kg or 25 kg
  • Plastic pails- 10 or 20 kg