Fillings and toppings for ice cream

"AGRANA Fruit Ukraine" produces a full range of fruit, nut and dessert preparations for ice cream:

  • • homogeneous preparations used as topping or in the core or to be mixed with mass of ice cream;
  • preparations based on fruit juice concentrates for fruit ice ;
  • preparations with pieces for premium ice cream.

We offer homogeneous preparations, with pieces of fruit or nuts, chocolate or caramel. Can be enriched with vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers. Preparations can be fruit, berry, chocolate, nutty and combined with various ingredients.

Fruit preparations can be produced for you from any known fruit or berries: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cloudberries, cranberries, kiwi, banana, orange, papaya, passion fruit, tangerine or anything else in any combinations! A collection of fruit flavors complement with dessert flavors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, walnut and other...

You can buy fruit and berry or dessert preparations for ice cream in any convenient package:

  • Aseptic containers - 800 l
  • Bag in Drum - 200 kg
  • Bag-in-box - 2 kg or 25 kg
  • Plastic pails- 10 or 20 kg