Fruit and
berries crops

AGRANA Fruit Luka is represented on the market for a long time. It is located in the fruit growing region in Vinnitsa. Our company specializes in growing and saling high quality fruits and berries for processing and fresh market.

Our products are: apples, strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

We cooperates with a local forwarder who grantees on time deliveries (domestic and international).

The use of high-performance sorting machine “AWETA” for fruit sorting and packing gives a possibility to prepare high-quality products in a short time and in different type of packing.

We always try to take into account tastes and wishes of our clients.

AGRANA Fruit Luka has storages and cooling chambers for goods storing prepared for sale. We sell products packed in returnable or disposable package.

We offer different range of apple types.

We export fruits to Russia.

Company welcomes collaboration with hypermarkets, supermarkets, shops and international customers.